Our list of services


Our field service engineers are trained to the very highest standard by the manufacturers whose equipment we support, and we enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry through our commitment to forging and nurturing close relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service, providing our customers with the confidence that their instruments are well maintained and produce accurate and reliable results.  Read More
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Before installation of any equipment we will inspect the room to ensure that the environment is sufficient for the equipment to be fully functioning. After assessment and verification of structural capacity and making sure the sensitive equipment will be stable, installation will take place without error.  Read More
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Offering both on-site and overseas calibration services for the ultimate convenience, our coordinators handle all aspects of the calibration, from scheduling to documentation.  Will also provide preventive maintenance contracts that will minimise instrument downtime due to breakdown and need for spares thus minimizing interruptions to your manufacturing process, and eliminate extra costs due to inefficient equipment.  Read More
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Product training

All of our products come with product training, to ensure that you, the client, are fully aware of the capabilities of the equipment and are able to fully use them. Further to this product training is a guarantee of both short and long term customer support.  Read More
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