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Environmental protection is the main issue of the 21st century. The European Union, climate alliances and other environmental confederations have aimed high to improve our environment - especially the air quality. However, a continuous air quality monitoring has to be the basis for any improvement.We as Enviromed being partners with ENVITEC B.V have established an excellent reputation for prompt and reliable technical service. This has been achieved by providing our customers, our clients, or anyone requesting assistance with full support and service through Envitec's service engineers and other trained and certified personnel. With Envitec's wide experience at maintaining AQM networks, every aspect of After Sales Support including inspection, commissioning, maintenance and crew training is for the full range of our sold products and many other different well known brands such as Environnement S.A., Monitor Europe, Thermo, and the like.

Comet System

COMET SYSTEM , s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of innovative monitoring solutions and data loggers for documenting environmental conditions in production facilities, warehouses and the cold chain. We cooperate with our clients to develop solutions that integrate our high-quality measurement components into their business processes. COMET System s.r.o. company is in the business of developing and manufacturing computerized measuring devices since 1991. Sales of the instruments are realised especially through... Read More
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