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Thinking ahead. Turning one's attention to tomorrow. Keeping one step ahead. When you know every effort in your day directly affects the lives of others, you become a company made up of individuals who try harder, work smarter and who have come to understand the true value of innovation.  Enviromed aims to improve lives by providing cost-effective health care products and services.  Read More
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Environmental protection is the main issue of the 21st century. The European Union, climate alliances and other environmental confederations have aimed high to improve our environment - especially the air quality. However, a continuous air quality monitoring has to be the basis for any improvement.We as Enviromed being partners with ENVITEC B.V have established an excellent reputation for prompt and reliable technical service. This has been achieved by providing our customers, our clients, or anyone requesting... Read More
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ENVIROMED first began trading in 2009 and, since then, we have grown to become an independent supplier of laboratory equipment. Because of our independence, we are unique in our approach to sourcing and supplying the highest quality, best value products and brands. We provide precisely what you need, when you need it, whether you are searching for something specific or aiming to equip  an entire laboratory.From pipettes to the latest in laboratory instrumentation and furniture, we pride ourselves... Read More
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Beauty is a matter of opinion, formed at a young age by the people around us, the environment, and the media. To many it is only skin deep, but our concept of beauty reflects the cultural norms that influence the way in which we judge the attractiveness of others. The Aesthetics business has boomed in these last years due to the advance in technology.Is your technology keeping up with the demand? To stay competitive in today's fast-paced electronic world, it's crucial to plan for your technology,... Read More
 malta, Our Products malta, EnviroMed Malta malta